Accidental Damage Mobile Phones for B2B Clients

The Accidental damages are very common with Mobile phones. The users have no control over the accidental damages, as they happen out of nothing. In such situations, repairing the mobile phone is the best option available to you. Yes, you can also opt for a brand new mobile phone, but for that, you need to go through some unnecessary financial stress. By repairing the mobile phone, you can easily resolve the accidental damage issue, at an affordable price.

Complete solution for accidental mobile damage

We understand the difficulties of corporate clients and senior business managers when they have to deal with damaged mobile phones. Most of the time, the clients greatly regret the loss of information, when the mobile phone is damaged. To reduce the stress and information loss of clients, we offer repairing and recycling services for damaged mobile phones.

In case, you are confused what to do after your mobile phone is accidentally damaged, then we recommend you just to call us. Our dedicated professionals will guide you throughout the entire process, and ensure the best benefits. A team of Key Account managers will liaise with you directly to understand the issues of your damaged mobile phone.

After keen consultation, our technicians will let you know the estimated budget associated with the repairing. We try our best to minimize the repairing cost, but we never compromise with the quality of service. We mainly use OEM spares on the mobile phone, to make them alive again. In case, you think, the repairing rates are pretty high as per your budget, and then you can simply opt for our mobile recycling services.

Common examples of accidental damage

  • Damage by kids –Most of the damaged mobile cases are related to kids. If you are simply sharing your mobile device with your children, then there are chances, you may have to deal with such inconveniences.
  • Spillages –This is the most common example of accidental mobile damage situation. The individuals unknowingly drop the phone from their hands or pockets.

All these above cases are not in the control of mobile users. Thus these are termed as accidental mobile damages. But you don’t need to worry about anything, as we are there are to help you.

Why should you choose us?

  • Experienced professionals – Our technicians are highly qualified and trained, thus can effectively resolve the issues of your mobile phone, without any downtime.
  • Round the clock customer support –No matter, what’s the time; you can always call us to clear your doubts..
  • Online tracking module –You don’t need to worry about your mobile repairing status, simply use our online tracking platform.

To know more about our services, feel free to talk with our experts.