Wide varieties of OEM Parts

We are one of the leading wholesalers of Mobile Phone OEM parts in the market. It’s been years; we are offering the best parts and thus have earned a good reputation among corporate clients. As OEM parts are manufactured and developed by the original manufacturer only, the reliability of spares is effectively ensured. We have good relations with the reputed OEM parts suppliers, thus assuring the best product line-up in our warehouse.

No matter which mobile phone brand, we deal with some popular mobile brands like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, Googles and others. Again, our OEM parts also include a wide range of procurement including LCDs, Camera lens, Audio Jack, Charger adapter and many more. To reduce your stress, we have arranged all the necessary OEM parts under one roof. Our inventory is keenly maintained by dedicated resources, who directly report to the project managers.

Our project managers are very experienced and have keen knowledge regarding the procurement and sales procedures. Once your order is received, the professionals with initiate the transition from the warehouse. Within 2-3 days, the product is then forwarded to the logistics team. In overall, it takes around 5-7 working days to deliver the OEM parts to the specified shipping address.

Wholesale Mobile Phone OEM parts

Are you looking for efficient OEM parts to repair your mobile phones? Indeed, the corporate clients are highly responsible towards their gadgets and devices. If your mobile phone is damaged and it is mandatory for you to replace the damaged equipment with new ones, then it is highly to use OEM parts only. The OEM spares and accessories will greatly help your device to boost its performance and efficiency.

Best Price in market

The best thing about our OEM parts is the price. Being a reputed wholesaler in the market, we assure you the best quality OEM parts at affordable rates. You can simply compare our OEM parts with other provider’s pricing to understand the price difference. No matter, whether you are looking for the bulk amount or small, we always assure you the best price. For larger orders, we have tied up with reputed logistics to offer you the best-in-class logistic services. We understand your busy schedule, thus assure the ordered product directly on your desk, without any hassle.

Order tracking platform

In case, you are eagerly waiting for OEM spares, and they are still not delivered within the specified time, then kindly track down your order details. Use your credentials, which were provided to you, during the order confirmation, to track your order status online. This special service will effectively reduce your unnecessary worries regarding the delivery of your OEM parts. In case, you want to make any modification to your order log; then you need to do that before the OEM parts are dispatched from our side.

To know more about our OEM parts, you can simply give us a call to our executives. Our teams are available 24/7 to offer you the best OEM parts.